We live in a little slice of heaven!
Our monthly meetings are upbeat and informative
We get together in our green space to celebrate the change of seasons
Phoenix Park has activities galore
Our community garden produces 1,000's of pounds of veggies
The Chippewa River is a great place to float on a hot summer day

The North River Fronts Neighborhood is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the quality of life
for our neighbors by working together to maintain and improve our community.

Neighborhood Meetings

Outcomes from the January 12, 2011 meeting
(now we need to prioritize what we want to get done!)

Neighborhood Interaction to Build Sense of Community (15)
1. Have a dog play-date day at the park
2. Summer Campfires in the Garden
3. House Concerts
4. Potluck at the Community Table
5. Canoe & Float Day
6. Progressive Dinner
7. Picnic at the Garden
8. Block Party
9. Create a Geocache
10. Creative Garbage Cans Competition
11. Neighborhood Rummage Sale

Information, Enforcement & Education (14)
1. Create Website
2. Create Newsletter
3. Pressure residents to remove old cars from yards
4. Host workshop about small home improvements anyone can do
5. Assist tenants w/ acquiring knowledge about renter rights
6. Pressure landlords to upkeep properties
7. Pressure on dog owners to pick up poop!
8. Provide hand-outs to neighborhood w/ numbers to call for reporting, assistance & ordinances
9. Increase neighborhood knowledge about E.C. recycling policies
10. Cleaner Yards/ Keep Shrubs Down
11. Create Neighborhood Revitalization plan and send to residents

Clean-Up (13)
1. Quality item pick-up (if u don't want it anymore but don't know what to do with it…)
2. Clean-up river shore
3. Alley clean-up
4. Bulk item pick-up
5. Earth day clean-up

Community Gardening, interactive activity! (12)
1. Plant and encourage neighborhood rain gardens
2. Introduce "prairie" plants into the community garden areas
3. Host workshop on composting/encourage residents to utilize garden compost
4. Create a community shop/shed where neighbors have access to tools
5. Maintain the kids garden

Beautification (9)
1. Plant flowers around the neighborhood
2. Get sculpture or statue for park/garden area
3. Plant trees around neighborhood
4. Paint a Mural
5. Improve neighborhood Image

Future Development (7)
1. Develop a fishing area
2. Push for a grocery store in our area
3. Get some bike lanes
4. Expand neighborhood lines/boundaries

Sustainable living (4)
1. Create relationship with local businesses
2. No Drive Day! Encourage biking/walking/etc. all who participate get name entered into drawing
3. Reduce your carbon foot-print week: involve businesses
4. Support your local businesses day
5. Make a connection with Longfellow School
6. Decrease pesticide use/ harsh chemicals in yard and driveway

Good Neighbors (2)
1. Snow removal assistance
2. Yard clean-up assistance
3. Encourage young people to be involved in their neighborhood
4. Volunteer at Community Table for a meal
5. Involve North Barstow area in a clean-up: include businesses
6. Volunteer at the warming shack/B-side

North River Fronts Meetings
are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the Month on a quarterly basis or as need arises at 7:00p.m. unless otherwise noted on this website.











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