We live in a little slice of heaven!
Our monthly meetings are upbeat and informative
We get together in our green space to celebrate the change of seasons
Phoenix Park has activities galore
Our community garden produces 1,000's of pounds of veggies
The Chippewa River is a great place to float on a hot summer day

The North River Fronts Neighborhood is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the quality of life
for our neighbors by working together to maintain and improve our community.


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UW-Extension Kids Garden Video

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Forest Street Community Garden

Other Eau Claire Neighborhoods:
East Side Hill
Historic Randall Park
Third Ward

Community Enforcement Contacts

Health Department - 715-839-4718
Garbage, trash and animal waste accumulation, enforcement of Housing Code, rooming house licensing

Police Department - 715-839-4972
Animal nuisances, on-street parking complaints, noise disturbances

NRFN - Police Liason - Jim Southworth 715-839-4977

Fire Department - 715-839-5012
Fire regulations and related subjects

Streets Division - 715-839-4963
Street maintenance, lawn care, sidewalks, snow removal
(please submit addresses of houses not shovelling after 24 to 48 hours of a significant snowfall)

Community Development - 715-839-4914
Neighborhood associations, planning, historic preservation, housing assistance, housing and commercial rehabilitation loans

Building Inspection & Zoning Division - 715-839-4947
Building permits, zoning, occupancy, flood plain boundaries and regulations, parking lot surfacing, inoperative motor vehicles, signs, furniture, and off-street parking complaints

Garbage Complaints - 715-839-4718
City County Health Dept.

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, 601 Fall Street.

How to Build Community

* Turn off the TV and cell phone.
* Walk around your neighborhood and greet your neighbors. Get to know their names AND their dog's names.
* Ask questions, people love to talk about themselves. Above all, LISTEN.
* Plant flowers and vegetables and share with neighbors. Garden together. Barter for goods.
* Sit on your front porch or stoop and be seen.
*Open your shades. Let neighbors know you LIVE there.
* Have pot lucks and yard sales together.
* Bake extra and share it.
* Organize a block party.
* Use your local library and support local merchants.
* Pick up litter.
* Talk to your mailman.
* Take children to the park.
* Start a tradition.
* Hire young people for odd jobs.
* Share your skills.
* Ask for help when you need it. Give help when others need it.
* Turn up the music --- turn down the music.
* Fix it even if you didn't break it.
* Help carry something heavy if you can -
Otherwise, direct.
* Honor the elders of your neighborhood. They have a lot of history and wisdom to share.
* Mediate a conflict.
* Seek to understand.
* Learn from new and uncomfortable angles.

Here's an article that our neighbor Dave shared with us so we could share it with you. Let's take its advice and do some of the ideas it's offering in our neighborhood.
Neighborhood Initiative

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